Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Potter and the Clay – A Camp Testimony

By Krislyn Erickson, Summer Team 2014 Have you ever watched a potter sit down on the potter’s wheel and mold the clay into a piece of art? Have you looked closely at pottery? Each piece of art is made a little bit different…. from the strokes of the hand to the different artists making them…. Read more »

Meet Marie Fitts

Please meet Marie Fitts. Marie was recently approved to be a CFCI Missionary to Anchorage, AK. She has been ministering in Wyoming for the last number of years but then began to sense that God was leading her northward – Really northward! She was here at our office last week going through some training and… Read more »

News: Urban Plunge welcomes Heather Miller into a new position

Urban Plunge is growing! And to help that growth along, we have invited Heather Miller to be a part of the executive team. Heather has been one of the Urban Plunge family members for a long time now, working as a facilitator in the Omaha area for more than four years. Her task will be… Read more »