Monthly Archives: September 2013

Life is serious. Very serious. Especially when we are in ministry and feel the need to be about the Father’s business.However, we all need to see the lighter side, at least once in a while. SSSSSSOOOOOOO, with that in mind, here are a couple of things that might cause you to smile.Pastor to little Johnny:… Read more »

Sydney, Slum Streets and Omaha Nebraska

Even though I don’t think I’ve actually ever truly said it out loud, I feel like I should say “G’day!” because I’m an Australian, living and working in the USA. This past weekend was my five-months-since-living-in-Americanniversary; and what a five months it’s been. I graduated college on a Friday and left for a 26 hour… Read more »

BLESS OUR CHILDREN MINISTRY Ron and Amelia DenHartog, CFCI Missionaries Bless Our Children Ministry (BOCM) grew explosively this year in Columbia. From 2009 to 2012 Emilecio and Emma Diaz led nine groups in Barranquilla. In those nine groups, 87 people graduated from the program. Another 46 people graduated during the first half of this year… Read more »