Monthly Archives: June 2013

Short-term Individual Missionaries ARE AMAZING! From Marcia and Kathie in our Finance Department This week, our work has focused on short-term individuals. As you can imagine, a lot of people take short-term trips in the summer. So, we’re processing gifts for their trips and making sure that the city bases they are going to have… Read more »

What’s happening at Camp Kikomar, Tuxpan, Mexico: From Diana Garrett, CFCI Missionary Last weekend was a milestone for Camp Kikomar as we held an introductory training for camp counselors with five churches from Tuxpan represented. Our friends and colleagues Cliff and Joy McCalister (along with two of their children) came to do the teaching. We… Read more »

Called Out: Misconception

People reaching people.  That’s how Father God arranged it.  God, creator of us all, the infinite all wise, all knowing master of our universe still chooses to ask people to reach people for His name sake.  Here is a former CFCI Short-term Missionary who is learning just that.  From El Salvador to France people everywhere… Read more »