Monthly Archives: February 2013

Do you know the meaning of baptized?

In ancient Greece, a metalsmith “baptized” hot iron by dipping it into water. This act tempered the metal, strengthening it and helping set the specific shape the smith had chosen for the iron to take. In some respects, that’s what baptism does for those who believe in God. It tempers them. It helps strengthen how… Read more »

Where Have You Buried Your Treasure?

“Gone with the Wind” is a critically acclaimed classic American movie released in 1939 which received 8 Academy Awards.  What is it that is gone…gone with the wind?  What is gone with the wind in our lives?  We spend so many days going after that which we believe will satisfy as Solomon did in Ecclesiastes 2:10: “I denied myself… Read more »

Wisdom from a Fortune Cookie

A fortune cookie I found said this, “No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he only had good intentions.”  While sitting in Atlantawith a ministry director, who serves a large homeless population in the city center, he shared with me how frustrating it is when suburban churches show up in his neighborhood to do… Read more »