Monthly Archives: January 2013

Do you know the meaning of “baptized?”

by Sandra Hammes, CFCI Chaplain In ancient Greece, a metalsmith “baptized” hot iron by dipping it into water. This act tempered the metal, strengthening it and helping to set the specific shape the smith had chosen for the iron to take. In some respects, that’s what baptism does for those who believe in God. It… Read more »

Our Partners are So Important!

This is Jill Adams the communications director for CFCI. I’m blogging today for our Finance department. They are REALLY busy doing year-end stuff. Balancing accounts. Creating reports for our Board. But most importantly, they are sending out the 2012 receipt letters to our fabulous financial partners. Pretty much everything else stops so they can do… Read more »

A Yorky Preached a Great Sermon

A Yorky Preached a Great Sermon Jane (not her real name) works in one of our ministries to women returning from incarceration.  She was raised in a family of drug dealers.  She was running drugs by age five and as she grew older, she also became a very successful dealer. She knew how to watch… Read more »