Monthly Archives: November 2012

Introducing…our new donation page on! You’ll love it! We added the new page this week. It’s completely in sync with our website so it’s much easier for you (and us!) to use. Go to the website, click on the donate tab, then follow the directions. Simple, simple, simple! You’ll scroll down to find the… Read more »

Skunk in a Bottle

By Mirna Sotomayor Not too long ago, arriving at Camp Kikomar (Caribbean coast of Mexico), we saw quite a commotion.  A little skunk had his head stuck in a glass jar.  It was unclear how long the poor animal had been stuck there, but what was clear is that he was Exhausted.  Terrified by all the people around and the dogs trying to… Read more »

From our fabulous missionaries, Mickey & Marielos McKinney, in Costa Rica. Their ministry areas in CR include nursing homes, home Bible studies, and prisons. They have a weekly Bible study in the prison. Here’s a great account of a recent visit there.When I had finished the lesson and as I was walking toward Marielos (who… Read more »